Exact Sciences Laboratories Provider Portal

This site is intended for health professionals who have previously registered for online access to Cologuard®.

Welcome to the new and enhanced Provider Portal!

Below is a brief summary of the enhancements you will experience upon log-on:

  • A new reporting feature to identify patients potentially due for rescreening after using Cologuard 3 years ago
  • An optional Prior Authorization field for use based on patient’s individual payor requirements
  • More robust reporting capabilities to quickly search for all positive results and all unread results
  • A new order status -- “Suspended for Inactivity” -- to indicate an order has stalled for 60 days in any order status
    • Any progress within 365 days of order creation will reactivate the order
    • Unreturned orders older than 365 days will be permanently cancelled, with the status "Cancelled - Expired"


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